DELANY are an epic rock band that has grown organically since 2015. Founding members, Andy Delany and Andy J Davies, were joined by drummer, Pat Walters, for the debut album Mission Creep which was released on 30th November 2018. This was an important moment for vocalist Andy Delany who had not made any official recordings since the 1995 second Rubicon album – Room 101.

A live band was put together to showcase the album featuring: Andy Delany – vocals, Andy J Davies (Soho Roses) – guitar, James Quinn (Last Rites) – guitar, Tony Pettitt (FOTN) – bass, Paul Kimmett (SMASH) – keyboards and Nicholas Plews (The Best Medicine) – drums. Live shows were well received with Iain Hamilton stepping in to play bass when Tony’s commitments with Fields of the Nephilim meant he was no longer available.

Work on the second album started in the summer of 2019 with an original plan to release in 2020. But we all no what happened next. Circumstances forced completion and release dates to be put back several times. Still, you never know, it might all have been for the best.

It was decided – the second album by Delany was to be more epic than the first. Why? Because there isn’t enough of it in the world. There’s too much mush written to make your mum feel proud and the truth is that she’ll love you whatever crap you throw at her so why not make it stick.

We grew up with men landing on the moon and rockets blowing up on the launch pad. A generation prepared to tear up the rule book and die trying to do something incredible – not content to worship every mummy’s boy winner of the latest meaningless T.V. talent show. Minds wide open and willing to be blown; every step a consequence of the last; no template just organic growth. So if it’s going to be done then it needs to be done in a big way.

Come The Morning raises the bar. The formation of a permanent band involving Andy Delany, Andy J Davies, Nick Plews, James Quinn and Paul Kimmett has taken the 2018 release – MISSION CREEP – as a starting point and drawn on influences from Zeppelin to The Pumpkins – The Doors to Floyd and Sabbath to Audioslave and run down the hill with it. It’s bigger, deeper, more powerful – more epic!

Come with us on a journey to wherever you want to be; set no boundaries; be part of something incredible and make sure you’re wide awake and ready to go………….….Come The Morning