Mission Creep Double Vinyl Album

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Mission Creep

Limited 1st Edition Double Vinyl

Release Date 30th November 2018

11 songs on double vinyl album with gatefold sleeve

Limited edition booklet  – The Making of Mission Creep

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1 review for Mission Creep Double Vinyl Album

  1. Aidy

    I have been waiting for this album since I first heard some of the demos a while back and was not disappointed.
    Andys voice took me back to the heady days of The Rubicon tours these song on this album are far from nostalgic and stuck in the past. The album starts with the mammoth Mission Creep a great rocking song to grab you straight away. you can hear a lot of the influences as the album progresses. My personnel preference is always Vinyl as it sounds deeper and more fulfilling to me and im old . Bleed Me Dry was a favourite of the ones I had heard previously and the production on the record makes it even better as we go on to side 2 of the double album the songs take you trough a great journey and you heard Andys voice through the ranges and gives you a few surprises especially on All Change.
    Side 3 opens with No Need with a simple but very catchy guitar track Down speeds things up and is cool. side 3 ending with Bad Feeling a slow and thoughtful song which listened to in a darkened room is fab as it speeds up towards the end you get pulled in
    Side 4 Scars is again a track where Andys voice goes through the ranges and is and emotions the final tracks Oceans Rise and Hide have a very eclectic feel to them pulling on rock and blues .This something i have always said about Andys voice when we first saw Rubicon In Derby in 1992 a very bluesy singer. Hide really is one song with a bit of a Rubicon vibe to it.

    If your expecting a Goth album you not in the right place but if you want a great album and songs you can get in to and love then this for you. My ear is different to yours and i bet i will hear different things every time i listen . the production is great too with a feel of guitar is the top instrument . Live was fun and i think some of that comes across, as for an album 23 years in the making its a brilliant album i recommend you buy this on Vinyl . no Just buy it.

    My missus will tell you im very fussy with my music and stuck in the eighties but this is one ive been waiting for and telling her i cant wait for , it has some roots in the eighties for me but definatly totaly up to date.

    And as a final note i play the album from start to finish not skipping any tracks and thats says a lot for this record.

    Roll on the world tour

    Aidy an old goth who is well pleased he made the effort to go to the Water Rats to see the band and buy this album.

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